Up up and away

well CE and Mrs. CE together with mini CE after a two hour weather delay took off on JetBlue from JFK to SFO this afternoon to celebrate thanksgiving with our west coast family.   Unfortunately there was an extremely disruptive passenger who moved to empty seats across from us and prevented us from enjoying the Jetblue experience.   The crew had apparently spotted him before he moved to our proximity because when I mentioned the issue to a steward he was well aware of the situation.    Apparently this gentleman, and I use that word loosely, is a frequent JetBlue flier and is known to the JetBlue organization although this was the first time that this plane crew had come across him. 

 To get the full picture,  this odd looking gentleman thought nothing of exposing himself, lowering his pants and raising his shirt while sitting Awkwardly on his seat and every 10 to 15 minutes he made mysterious.   ( no flush was ever heard) trips to the bathroom.  

Prior to moving to our row of seats,  he had made a loud public announcement that he needed to sleep and couldn’t sleep where he was originally seated and then proceeded to fidget for the entire 6 1/2 hour flight without sleeping a wink.  We would have greatly welcomed the peace and quiet that his nap would have brought.   

 Further his bizarre antics made it impossible for CE to get any shut eye because CE was on security mode to make sure that no harm would befall Mrs. CE or mini CE.  

CE applauds the Jetblue flight staffs vigilance. They were on high alert during the entirety of the flight.  I surmise however that the combination of alcohol and whatever else he may have been taking contributed to his disruptive behavior.  

The CE takeaway from this experience confirms once again—be on your guard and