''The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers,'' was stated by Dick the Butcher in ''Henry VI,'' Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73.

for many years CE has repeated adnauseum our mantra that “the only time a corporation does something good for the consumer it’s a coincidence “. There are exceptions to every rule. Some of you may have in the past cashed in your coins at a TD bank. TD for no charge ( and TD also gave out prizes to kids young and old who correctly guessed within a few dollars the amount of change being counted) accepted the coins which you could either redeem for cash or deposit to your account.  It was a great banking and learning experience for my mini me CE. 

So by now you are probably wondering what TD Bank has to do with Shakespeare’s admonition to slay lawyers.  Sadly some law firm saw TD banks courtesy to consumers as an opportunity to file a class action.  Although TD checked the accuracy of their counting machines every four hours and took the machines off line if they were even just one penny off,  this was not good enough for the lawyers.  

Well as it happened the lawyers did have a valid argument , the TD coin counting machines were off infinitesimally.  This inconsistency in the coin counting resulted in a settlement which caused TD to discontinue the service and take the coin counting machines off line.  

So CE asks who wins and who loses?  Now CE has to count and roll his coins and wait on line at the bank to make a deposit or CE can use the coin machines in the supermarkets and pay a 10% fee.  

Shakespeare, it seems that you were on to something.  But, please give CE and Mrs. CE another 30 years.   

as alwsys,