No room at the Inn. The Labor Day weekend misadventures of CE and family


As per our conversation earlier today you have asked me to recount the misadventure that we suffered at your hotel last evening that lasted into the wee hours of this morning.  Our first indication that things were not quite what they should be was when we inquired of your staff if it would be possible to get a dehumidifier or air purifier because as soon as I walked into the room my allergies erupted.
We were advised by Maura that no such equipment existed on the premises.  And to the question of switching rooms to perhaps a less musty room we were told that no rooms were available both of these statements were later in the evening discredited. 

At 11:30 PM we arrived back to the hotel with our group to discover to our dismay that our daughter and her cousins room could not be accessed with their room key. after determining that there was a larger issue Maura called in the maintenance supervisor.  Maura told our daughter and her cousin to have a seat in the lobby and wait there because once again she advised  that there were no other rooms available.  After waiting for over an hour Maura remembered that there was indeed an available room that the girls could move into because the maintenance supervisor ( who was a gentleman)was unable to access the door.  When we asked Maura  what the girls should do for sundries and clothing Maura suggested at 1:00 in the morning that they go to Rite Aid which is open 24 hours we asked Maura to find out if Riteaide would have the necessary supplies and clothing and we asked how she thought the kids should get there at one in the morning.  Maura was not at all helpful with this and was actually rude and insolent. although her co worker Audrey made an unsuccessful attempt to call over to Riteaide. 

During the course of my conversation with Maura she informed me that I was harassing her and that she would call the police and demanded that I leave the lobby.  my wife was on the phone with me as I was speaking to Maura and she placed an initial call over to the police and we explained the situation to them. 
Within five minutes  six police cars arrived at the hotel entrance way and several officers  spoke to my wife and me while several other officers spoke to your staff.  as they left your hotel the police expressed to us that they believed that the hotel should have done right by us and should never have escalated this situation and clearly we were due a standard of care higher than what was being delivered by your staff.
Also, on her way back into the hotel, when my wife stopped to ask Maura for her name she refused to give it to her and told her to leave the lobby because, she said, my wife was creating a disturbance. What an interesting and bizarre statement by Maura; it was by that time 1:30 am and we were the only people In the lobby.  

Go figure.