Flying the friendly skies

CE recently had the misfortune to fly the unfriendly skies of United.  It was not the airline staff that was at fault, but if you have the misfortune to sit towards the rear of the plane as is so often CE’s plight your food choice may be limited due to the clear favorite food choice having been distributed to the passengers sitting closer to the front.

But, the inconvenience above is Just a red herring. The problem that most concerns CE is the lack of civility that we passengers demonstrate towards each other.

The “shared space” concept that the airlines like to present is nothing but a hoax. There is little or no sharing because most airline passengers become hungry wolves and indiscriminately abscond the precious and limited overhead stowaway compartments with a clear and total disregard to the needs of fellow travelers.

In this high altitude microcosm it matters not if you are seated in economy, economy plus or business class, the struggle is the same.

as always,