Why do health care professionals wear gloves?

CE has the answer and it’s not the answer CE was looking for. 

Those latex gloves are a defense against germs. Ok no surprise there. But just who are the gloves protecting?   

If you are a long time CE reader then you already know where this is going.   

“If it’s good for the consumer it’s a coincidence “. ( see early posts ) 

yup it’s not the patient that the doctors are concerned with, it’s themselves.  

 Yesterday Mrs. CE visited a local medecin and was spell bound as the doc put on gloves and proceeded to touch various non sterilised items before examining her eye.  Naturally Mrs. CE prevented this from occurring and insisted that he put on a new pair of gloves. When asked why he wears gloves he sheepishly admitted that the gloves are not to protect the patient but to be sure that the doctor does not get sick in case the patient has anything contagious.